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Duo spent 17 hours in police custody despite cultural mission Taiwan News  Date: 2018/02/22 By: Matthew Strong, Taiwan News, Staff Writer TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – A writer for the New York Times and his French photographer were detained by Chinese police for 17 hours after their visit to a Tibetan temple over the Lunar New Year. […]

Reuters Date: February 16, 2018  By: Michael Martina GUANGHE, China (Reuters) – For some in China’s ethnic Hui Muslim minority here, a recent ban on young people engaging in religious education in mosques is an unwelcome interference in how they lead their lives. Their big fear is the Chinese government may be bringing in measures […]

China is warning President Trump that it will take action if he puts heavy tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum. CNN Date: February 17, 2018 By: Jethro Mullen U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Friday recommended that Trump impose measures against foreign suppliers of the metals in the name of national security, the latest sign of a […]

Navy Times Date: Feb. 17, 2018 By: Jim Gomez, The Associated Press ABOARD USS CARL VINSON, Philippines — A Navy officer aboard a mammoth U.S. aircraft carrier brimming with F18 fighter jets said Saturday that American forces would continue to patrol the South China Sea wherever “international law allows us” when asked if China’s newly built islands could restrain […]

NBC News Date: Feb 17 2018 By ERIC BACULINAO BEIJING — The Chinese New Year began with the traditional lighting of firecrackers on Friday, but the country’s military has been working on incendiaries on an entirely different scale. Over the past year, the nation that invented gunpowder has been rolling out an array of high-tech weapons […]

Vatican to move to end standoff and gain authority by recognizing seven excommunicated prelates The Wall Street Journal Date: Feb. 1, 2018 By: Francis X. Rocca in Vatican City and Eva Dou in Beijing Pope Francis has decided to accept the legitimacy of seven Catholic bishops appointed by the Chinese government, a concession that the Holy See hopes will […]

BBC News February 1, 2018 By: John Sudworth As Theresa May visits China, the UK government has raised concerns over religious freedom in the country’s mainly Muslim province of Xinjiang. One man, who fled the country for Turkey, has told the BBC he’ll “pay for the bullet” to kill his family to save them from a […]

State-run media calls British PM pragmatic for ignoring ‘noise and nagging’ from ‘radical public opinion’ while on visit The Guardian Date: 2 Feb 2018 By: Tom Phillips in Beijing China’s state-run media has commended a “pragmatic” Theresa May for resisting calls to publicly challenge Beijing over Hong Kong and human rights during her three-day visit. In an editorial on Friday, the […]

Railguns are another way the PLAN hopes to get an edge in 21st-century naval warfare. Popular Science February 1, 2018 By: Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer Pictures surfacing online appear to show a new weapon developed in China. The nation may have just installed a full-scale railgun on a warship, something even the United States Navy has […]

npr News Date: February 1, 2018 By: Leta Hong Fincher When Xiao Meili entered her freshman year at the Communication University of China in 2008, she was inundated with sexist messages that made her feel bad about herself. “In high school, we were never allowed to wear makeup, then when we started university, all of […]

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