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Al Jazeera Date: December 7, 2017 By: John Pilger 16 hours ago In his film The Coming War on China, John Pilger warns that nuclear war is no longer unthinkable. China’s building of airstrips in the South China Sea has become a flashpoint for war between China and the US. Part One of The Coming War on China:  […]

The Herald Courier Date:  Dec 7, 2017 By CHRISTOPHER BODEEN Associated Press BEIJING (AP) — Hundreds of participants attended the opening of a human rights forum in Beijing on Thursday in the latest installment of China’s energetic drive to showcase what it considers the strengths of its authoritarian political system under President Xi Jinping. Beijing’s new […]

Fortune Dte: December 6, 2017 By: Chris Morris The increasingly tense stand-off between the U.S. and North Korea may have hit a new high this week. As U.S. and South Korean military units conducted an annual air power exercise over the Korean Peninsula, China’s air force reportedly staged exercises in “routes and areas it has never […]

The New York Times Date: NOV. 29, 2017 By PAUL MOZUR SHANGHAI — D.J.I., the popular drone maker, stands as a symbol of China’s growing technology prowess. Its propeller-powered machines dominate global markets and buzz regularly over beaches, cityscapes at sunset and increasingly, power plants and government installations. Now D.J.I. is fighting a claim by one United […]

CHINA’S secretive agency tasked with recruiting overseas supporter for the Communist Party is believed to be ramping up operations in Australia. Date: November 30, 2017 By: Megan Palin A SECRETIVE lobbying agency dedicated to strengthening China’s Communist Party’s influence by recruiting “friends” in the West is increasingly becoming a source of suspicion in Australia, […]

It seems that China has not actually taken any action to influence this decision, but publishers are still playing it safe. The News Lens Date: 2017/11/19 By: Merriden Varrall  The recent decision by Allen & Unwin to drop Clive Hamilton’s book on Chinese influence illustrates that China need not exert much effort in influencing Australia. We’re doing […]

Fox News Date: November 16, 2017 By:  Christopher Bodeen, Associated Press BEIJING –  Activists are describing a drastic deterioration in China’s treatment of human rights campaigners as the country’s most powerful leader in a generation associates China’s rise as a global power with highly authoritarian, one-party rule. A Human Rights Watch researcher and others say […]

Chen Xi, leading Communist party figure, says members becoming politically and morally ‘degraded’ and looking to religion and superstition   The Guardian Date: 16 November 2017 By: Tom Phillips in Beijing One of China’s top leaders has chastised Communist party cadres for putting “ghosts and gods” before Marx and Lenin. Writing in the party’s official mouthpiece, the […]

The Washington Post Date: November 16 at 1:28 PM  By: Adam Taylor  As Xi Jinping visited Zimbabwe during a tour of Africa in 2015, Robert Mugabe offered the Chinese president a warm welcome and portrayed the two nations as deep allies. “China is Zimbabwe’s all-weather friend,” the Zimbabwean president told reporters. Now, a little less than two years after […]

Here is a 10-point guide to understanding the rising fear of China. Zee News Date: Nov 17, 2017 By: Shyam Balasubra Most global powers are now openly talking of containing China. This invariably comes with mentions of increasing cooperation with India as a counterbalance in the region. But how did the Asian giant go from an economic […]

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