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AOL News  Date: Nov 16th 2017  By: Alex Lockie  Donald Trump said Wednesday that China backed him on North Korea. But the next day China contradicted him entirely. Even South Korea has expressed doubts about Trump’s goal in dealing with North Korea. After a 12-day trip to Asia where President Donald Trump stressed his friendship and mutual understanding […]

CHINA HUMAN RIGHTS Amnesty International has documented widespread human rights violations in China. An estimated 500,000 people are currently enduring punitive detention without charge or trial, and millions are unable to access the legal system to seek redress for their grievances. Harassment, surveillance, house arrest, and imprisonment of human rights defenders are on the rise, […]

CNN News Date: October 5, 2017 By Marco Rubio and Chris Smith Editors Note: Marco Rubio and Chris Smith: In recent years, China has increased censorship, restricted personal freedoms, and violated international standards The Trump administration should develop a policy approach that holds China accountable for such actions, they write (CNN)Next month, President Donald Trump plans […]

The News Lens Date: 2017/11/06 By: Jules Quartly Surgeon Enver Bughda, a native of northwestern China’s Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, helped harvest organs in 1990s China. Even if he hasn’t moved on, China has, and now claims to operate a purely voluntary donation program. Enver Tohti Bughda saw the man’s still-beating heart as he surgically removed […]

New measures including holding social media moderators responsible for content posted in their forums, the end of anonymous posting and an upcoming ban on Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are the latest blows to what is left of internet freedom in China. The News Lens Date: 2017/10/13 By: Cedric Alviani In the months prior to the Communist Party […]

Spoiler alert: We probably wouldn’t win. The Nation Date: Sep. 26, 2017 By: Alfred W. McCoy EDITOR’S NOTE: This article originally appeared at To stay on top of important articles like these, sign up to receive the latest updates from This piece has been adapted and expanded from Alfred W. McCoy’s new book, […]

CNN Date: September 26, 2017 By: Ryan Browne (CNN)America’s top military officer, Gen. Joseph Dunford, told Congress Tuesday that China will pose the “greatest threat” of any foe to the US by 2025. “I think China probably poses the greatest threat to our nation by about 2025,” Dunford told the Senate Armed Services Committee during […]

The way in which Xi deals with the age question in the make-up of the PSC will be a good indicator of the nature of his power and the extent of his success. The News Lens Date: 2017/09/23 By: Frances Kitt On Oct. 18 the 19th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party will kick […]

Apart from China’s rhetoric and actions, China’s domestic transition towards a green, low carbon economy will serve as the best explanation for its ambitions in Antarctica. The News Lens Date: 2017/08/28 By: Jiliang Chen Concerns raised by China’s promulgation of the term “use” or “utilization” in its Antarctic diplomacy is causing mistrust in Antarctic governance. […]

The percentage of people around the world who hold a favorable perception of China declined from 48 per cent in 2007 to 40 per cent in 2016. The News Lens Date: 2017/08/18 By: Sacha Cody Ten years ago, then-Chinese president Hu Jintao announced that China needed to develop its soft power. Progress is not good. […]

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