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Taiwan News Date: 2018/10/10 By: JOHN LEICESTER and GILLIAN WONG,Associated Press “You listen, but you don’t speak,” the man on the other end said. “We’ve come in two work teams, two work teams just for you.” In her first one-on-one interview since her husband’s disappearance in China, the wife of the former head of Interpol described […]

 Barron’s Date: Oct. 5, 2018 By: Matthew C. Klein We’re starting to see the implications of China’s lessening dependence on the rest of the world. Chinese living standards plunged from about 50% of Western levels in the early 1800s to just 8% by the 1970s—a consequence of almost constant upheaval from war, colonialism, and revolution. By the 1980s, […]

NPR Date: October 5, 2018 By: TED PICCONE When it comes to the contentious arena of international human rights, China has arrived. For decades, China’s Communist Party largely kept clear of muscling its way onto the global human rights stage, preferring to bide its time while it contended with massive economic and social challenges at […]

The exiled Chinese real estate tycoon says he has been meeting with US officials, and that he advised Mike Pence on the recent address regarding US-China policy Taiwan News Date: 2018/10/05 By: Duncan DeAeth,Taiwan News, Staff Writer TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The controversial Chinese real estate tycoon Guo Wengui (郭文貴), living in exile in New York, claims that […]

Taiwan News Date: 2018/10/05 By: LORI HINNANT , Associated Press,Associated Press PARIS (AP) — A French judicial official says the president of Interpol has been reported missing after traveling to China. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity for an ongoing investigation, said Meng Hongwei’s wife reported him missing on Friday. The official said the […]

The new rules — which also sharply limit the participation of Hollywood talent in China’s enormous TV indusry — continue Beijing’s broad crackdown on the content industry. Escalating an aggressive crackdown on the content sector, China plans to drastically cut back on Hollywood participation in its massive television market. The Hollywood Reporter Date:  9/21/2018 By: […]

The Globe And Mail  Date: September 20, 2018 By: Doug Sanders How, in the most populated country, do you make a million people disappear? At first it sounds old-fashioned: You spend billions building a vast archipelago of high-security indoctrination camps across the mountainous far-western region of Xinjiang, you lock down the entire region, you seize […]

Why Beijing Will Not Imperil U.S. Hegemony Foreign Affairs Date: September 21, 2018 By: Michael Beckley The United States is a deeply polarized nation, yet one view increasingly spans the partisan divide: the country is at imminent risk of being overtaken by China. Unless Washington does much more to counter the rise of its biggest […]

Google’s human resources department reportedly told employees to delete a memo that was circulating with details about the company’s secretive plans to launch a censored search app in China, according to The Intercept. The memo reportedly appeared to contradict comments from Google CEO Sundar Pichai that the project was in its early stages. CNBC Date: […]

US State Dept. has imposed sanctions on China’s Equipment Development Department and its director Li Shangfu Taiwan News   Date: 2018/09/22 By:  Deutsche Welle (Deutsche Welle) — Chinese officials demanded on Friday that the United States cancel its economic sanctions against a Chinese military agency over a Russian weapons purchase. Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said that […]

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